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 Naruko Lisola

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PostSubject: Naruko Lisola   Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:30 pm

Character Profile

Name: Naruko Lisola
Face Claim/Appearance : Genin, (In spoilers)Teen, Sage, Adult, Sannin(?)

Alias/Bingo book name:
Age: 11
Clan: Lisola
Village: Konoha - Village Hidden in the Leaves
Ninja Rank: Genin
Tier: 3-3

Character Development

Personality: Somewhat cocky but masks it with indepth knowledge and cool. she loves flowers and has no problems trying to help out others. She usually keeps her power level at next to nothing simply to keep others around her from knowing her true strength. She hates taking sides as it gets confusing but will do as she's told by superiors.

She see's the world as a beauty more than an annoyance so she still does not wish it or those who dwell within it any injustice. She believes that whatever she is doing is the correct choice as she always follows her gut in the heat of a situation. She is a severely logical person. If something irrational happens she'll find a logical way to explain it regardless of if it is 100% accurate or not.

She tends to not be very creative and as such would rather read books than paint or draw. She is both playful yet serious as she tends to switch between the two of them. She'll follow her ideals and goals to the letter but she can't help having a playful and cocky attitude during matches. When push comes to shove however she becomes fully serious and gives it her all in order to complete her objective.

She will never back down from a challenge. She will always step up to the plate and fight back whether its mentally, verbally, or Physically. This might be considered being stupid but its one of her more admirable qualities. There is no challenge she won't accept even if she knows she can't win. She is extremely confident..perhaps even OVER confident in her abilities. She is considered very vain in how cocky and somewhat arrogant she can be when talking to others.

She does not have problems formulating plans of her own devices but isn't exactly bright when it comes to mind games. She easily falls for being baited into anger and usually responds extremely hostile to any form of threats. She cares about her subordinates as much as a she should but she doesn't have any strong feelings that would guide her to be overly protective of anyone. She is more of a loner in this respect and doesn't show much affection for anything. She can organize plans well enough but when it comes to keeping her home clean and neat she utterly fails. She cannot maintain any amount of organization within her own life.

History: Nothing of significance happened for most of Naruko's life. She was raised as any other shinobi by a loving family and a small clan of no real importance. Though her clan had a kekkai genkai it was so rare for it to appear within the clan itself that it wasn't considered a higher ranking clan by Konoha. Naruko is the first to have the potential for her clan's Kekkei Genkai in the last 30 years but it was taken away, or rather replaced, by the Five-tailed Beasts own nature which was extremely similar but more powerful than her own clan's power. She graduated the Academy with standard marks while excelling in Chakra Control and is currently a Genin. (More to be added as site progresses)

Friends/Enemies: Not yet obtained

Combat Ability

Ninja Skills

Strengths: Chakra Control
Weaknesses: Speed


Lisolan Blade - A thicker, heavier, Katana styled blade that is made in such a way as to allow the Lisola Clan to wield it and infuse their different chakra natures into it for more cutting effectiveness in battle.  Image of Sword Here She is limited to using only fire nature right now.

Standard Kunai and Shuriken Set - 12 of each.


Wind, Water, Fire (Water and Fire being from it's Tailed-Beast) (Starts with just Fire)

Summon Small Katsuya (Up to 12 pieces) (Not yet obtained)

Specialties: Jinchuriki of the Five-Tails - Being the Jinchuriki of the Five-Tailed Beast, Kokuō, grants one double the normal chakra reserves and an increase to physical strength, it also allows for one to use the boil release (Or Vapor Style) of jutsu's by combining the fire and water nature present within the Beast itself.


She is able to use all E and D Ranked Jutsu but the only C or higher jutsu she can use right now are Celestial prison and Crow Clone.


Active Passives

She currently only has access to Genjutsu - Mirror Return and Ninjutsu Urge.

Defensive Knowledge - This shinobi is 40% more resistant to Ninjutsu than normal due to their extreme awareness of Chakra natures, control, and jutsu mechanics in general. Allowing them to use their own chakra by instinct to lessen damage ninjutsu deals to them.

Ninjutsu Urge - This shinobi is 25% stronger with Ninjutsu than normal and heals for 10% of any damage dealt by their own ninjutsu.

Genjutsu - Mirror Return - This shinobi is able to deflect any single status ailment every 3 posts, this does not work on status ailments obtained while the ability is on cooldown.

Strength of a Hundred Seal - This seal is on one's forehead and allows for use of extreme physical strength and massive chakra reserves as well as strong healing jutsu. It can be extended to full power once per battle allowing them to essentially instantly regenerate from any and all wounds for ten posts before being completely exhausted.

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PostSubject: Re: Naruko Lisola   Mon Jul 31, 2017 3:26 am

Approved, 3-3.
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Naruko Lisola
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