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 Akiba Aran

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Akiba Aran


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PostSubject: Akiba Aran   Mon Jul 31, 2017 6:59 am

Character Profile

Name: Akiba Aran

Face Claim/Appearance :

Akiba is rather tall, standing at about 6'5", weighing in at 185 pounds. His shoulders are slightly broader than average and his frame and stature are rather thin, albeit still casual. Mistake him not though, he is incredibly capable in combat. His uniform is never worn properly, and instead, he can often be seen in a black hooded jacket lined with white fur, presumably from a dog or a wolf of some sort. The band bearing the mark of the Village Hidden in the Mist is worn on his left ankle as opposed to the head or waist like most ninja wear theirs. He bears at his waist, a slender black marble tube, which contains the scroll he uses for his preferred weapon summon, Kokuyōseki no Kagami.

Kokuyōseki no Kagami:

Alias/Bingo book name: The Crimson Fang
Age: 27
Clan: Aran
Village: Village Hidden in the Mist. (Kirigakure)
Ninja Rank: Jonin
Tier: 1-2

Character Development

Personality: Akiba is well known among his peers for his stern personality. Though in private, he can show mercy, compassion, and empathy, his usual mask is that of an adamant force that cannot be deterred. His default expression is seen above, and reflects the way he deals with most public matters. Anyone that chooses to could call him out on his dual nature, but he would remain stern unless he was in a situation where it was suitable to change. His personality in combat is merciless, and he looks for every opportunity to exploit the weaknesses an individual shows. He sees himself as fairly powerful, and does not sell himself short. He is a realist and looks at the facts both on the battlefield and off to be sure that the decisions he makes are the correct ones.

He is a born leader, and refuses to bend to those of injustice. If one of power greater than him were to arrive, and show respect, he would return that respect. If another of that same manner were to come along and curse him, he would return that same curse. He sees what each person deserves in every interaction and gives them just that.

His underlying motives are hard to discern unless you know him personally. His cunning and reserved flow of information allows him to set up massive networks of surveilliance and deceit, or to enact grand plans without alarming the most prevalent of individuals. Having so many facets makes him a hard man to read, because one can only see what is wanted

History: Born and raised in Kirigakure, Akiba was one born with an inherent family trait, and became extraordinarily gifted with that trait. The Kekkei Genkai for the Aran clan was that of Blood Jutsu, and the methods that Akiba developed when growing up with these skills were quickly able to put him far ahead of his peers. He had been proven to be difficult to hit, difficult to properly wound on multiple occasions, and very precise in combat. He'd grown quickly during his training and learned jutsu quickly He also took up weapon summoning and movement jutsu. In the time it would take most to figure out how to walk on water and trees, Akiba had already proven to be a terrifying match in combat. In time, his experiments with jutsu and weapon summons would settle on his natural skillset, that of swordsmanship and his inherent blood abilities. He began to hone on his blood's natural ability to regenerate, to use it as a catalyst for other jutsu, and to use his affinity for blood to end the lives of many who would get in the way of mission goals. After many years though, he was cast out of the village for attempting human puppetry and blood poisoning jutsus. These would lead to him becoming a rogue, though he'd still hang around the area of the Village Hidden in the Mist because of personal reasons. Even in his outlying shade, he still tries to practice jutsu of all kinds, from genjutsu, to kenjutsu, and even a few kinjutsu.

Akiba Aran's kekkei genkai, that of Blood Release is a new divergence from the progenitor of releases. He is the first of his clan to receive this bloodline trait, and if he were to bear children, they would inherit it as well. They may even exceed his talent with it. Aside from that, his divine gift remains a mystery, perhaps the will of some mad god somewhere.

Though he is normally not one to think of revenge, his past has lead him to a single goal, one of returning home. Whether by being hailed as a village hero or that of a tyrant king, he has no other major desire than this.

Friends/Enemies: Exile/Squatter to most Mist-dwellers, otherwise none.

Combat Ability

Ninja Skills

Strengths: Chakra Efficiency, Kenjutsu Speed
Weaknesses: Endurance, Taijutsu


Elements: Water/Wind/Earth ==> Blood


Might seek out Kubikiribocho as a supplemental weapon 'summon' later on.

Kekkei Genkai: Blood Release - Increases the natural regeneration rate of blood drastically, allows for minor boosts to wound clotting, allows blood to be used as a catalyst, but not as a replacement for Chakra, for certain abilities. Can be freely manipulated outside the body. (None of that shit Hidan does, what with being immortal, being able to move while being decapitated. In this case, a lethal wound is still a lethal wound. Just no bleeding out and potential for a potentially dangerous wound to be 'meh'.)

(Until the jutsu are finished and approved, they'll be listed here.)

Generic E/D list, blah blah whatever. Moving on.

E: Flash Step
Generic speed-dash ability that allows the user to travel great distances in short periods of time without tiring. Usually used for travel or for a combat advantage

D: Water Clone Jutsu
Generic clone jutsu, clone count is dependent on situation, can be made so long as water in liquid or vapor form is present.

C: Crescent Moon Technique: Crimson Heart Slice
When holding a weapon, no matter the type, a strike is made faster than normal human eyesight can process, and a clean cut is made towards the target's vital area, attempting to cut around the target's defenses and make a single, precise cut that would be lethal unless otherwise dealt with via medical treatment, evasion, substitution, barriers, or a well-timed counter. The weapon choice when using this affects the rate of success and practicality of this technique.

C/B: Blood Release: Blood Heritage
Gathering a small amount, even a drop of another's blood is enough to gain knowledge of their known jutsu and potentially whether they have a jinchuuriki or kekkai genkai, as well as other abilities. A larger amount can reveal information such as a character's place of birth, lineage, potential relatives, etc. basically to the point of full disclosure. I could in theory explain how this works too.

A(?): Blood Release: Borrowed Lineage
Gathering a large amount allows the user to temporarily or permanently use the affects of a kekkei genkai and all of its branching jutsu. This would not funnel into the jutsu cap if approved, and more than likely at reduced effectiveness (like limited uses of another's blood abilities per thread, upper limits to branch power, etc.)

C/B: Blood Release: Crimson Armaments
Blood exuding from the user can be hardened and fired at targets to function similarly to the equivalent ninja tool, weapon, or other object or shape.

D/C: Blood Release: Neverending Crimson
Blood regenerates passively at a rate that far exceeds what is necessary to prevent bleeding out. This can be turned on or off, usually automatically based on either need, or usage of bloodflow.

B/A: Blood Release: Blood Destruction
Blood is destroyed and consumed at the same rate it regenerates, effectively shutting down Neverending Crimson for a time. The benefit to this is a x4-x6 boost to both Speed and Stamina

C: Blood Release: Echoing Moon's Reflection
This is a genjutsu that when cast on a target, causes excess blood from the user to come alive and act as a guard against the affected target(s). In Akiba's case, this essentially means he has an extra guard to keep himself from taking lethal wounds, but the catch is that they must remain under the influence of the genjutsu.

A/S: Blood Release: Critical Crescent Calamity
Akiba collects all of the blood that is currently outside of his body, forming it into a massive blade that attaches itself to the katana in his hand (katana wield required), and depending on the amount of blood, the size of the damaged area increases, along with the potential damage. The blade is then brought down to the earth, crushing it in a fashion similar to that of a fissure. On impact, the blood that has hardened onto the blade collapses structurally, causing it to shatter into glass-like fragments and shards that can cut skin and flesh on contact. The final action of this jutsu is to explode outward from the katana, spreading the shrapnel over a greater distance. This has the potential to damage Akiba as well, but the actual harm to him is minimal.

C: Weapon Summoning: Kokuyōseki no Kagami
Within the tube at his waist, their is a summon scroll that contains Akiba's preferred weapon, a katana. The info for it is listed above. All that is needed to summon another katana is to open the tube and pulse a little chakra into it. No matter how the tube is angled, the blade is weighted in such a way that it always lands blade first. There is no limit to the number of katanas that can be spawned, and only realistic limits to the rate of spawning. The tube is big enough to summon up to five per use.

B: Weapon Control: Obsidian Network
There is a jutsu imbued into the handle of every copy of Kokuyōseki no Kagami. This jutsu allows Akiba to select a katana, and rein it in. There is no limit to the range of this jutsu, and when called or moved, the katana will cut through anything it would normally cut through. The only limit is that only one katana can be moved at a time through the use of this jutsu.

A: Obsidian Network: Blade Link
Akiba's katanas that have appeared on the field and link to one another via chakra. The thin spread of chakra is enough to cut through flesh and bone, and lasts for a duration of x posts. If a katana is called or summoned, the links leading to it fade away permanently.

S: Forbidden Art: Obsidian Collapse
Akiba can take every copy of his katana on the field and dispel them, using them as a catalyst in the process. 20 or more copies are required to properly perform this jutsu, and if learned by another, could theoretically be used by anyone with basic knowledge of Fuinjutsu. The swords essentially create an area of no escape unless one is skilled in bypassing seals and barriers. The first 5 track the target and attempt to seal them to the ground, cutting them off from their chakra supply by 50%. If there is a jutsu that they could use that does not require hand seals, that would be it for them. Otherwise, they will be helpless as the surrounding area is pelted with more swords, creating a 5-meter wide or larger area. There is no upper barrier, and the walls taper off after about 40 meters up. The jutsu's resolution then begins as Akiba draws all of his remaining chakra, and some of the nearby life energy of wildlife and plants, though not enough to cause them to lose conciousness. One final katana which is held in his hand acts as the focus for the final action, in which he plunges this katana into his sealed foe and pumps the collected energy into his target. The energy release is so powerful, it radiates outward, damaging himself heavily, and hopefully the target as well. The energy then dissipates and leaves Akiba nearly fully drained, having barely enough energy to walk away. All weapon copies fade away, and all blood becomes normal blood, no combat is possible past this point.

Jutsu (add these and their ranks after the app is approved.)


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Approved tier 1-2#Time4Jutsu
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Akiba Aran
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