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 Ika slaughters the Village Hidden in the Clouds..

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Ika Mazi

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PostSubject: Ika slaughters the Village Hidden in the Clouds..    Tue Aug 01, 2017 7:28 am

The time had come for Ika to test himself against an entire village and well, it wasn't going to end well. He approached the Village hidden in the Clouds with destructive intent, and as the first two victims approached Ika took a bow, welcoming them to what would soon be their demise.. He put his hands up, and the second he revealed he was a human puppet they tried to run but unfortunately for them?.. Well.. He had no intentions of letting them live, it just wasn't in the plans.. He extended his arms and mowed them over with flames, laughing wickedly as their screams filled the night air for but a brief moment.. One more ninja came out from the trees, hoping to decapitate Ika with a sword of some kind.. "Oh how cute, you wish to join your comrades?.." He smirked, releasing the Necrotoxic gas within his hands.. The young woman screamed as the gas was held over her face, and Ika lowered her to the ground with a finger over her mouth. "Shhh.. shh.. it's over now, sleep.. you're more beautiful than you ever were.." Ika smirked, throwing the 3 corpses onto a pile.. They'd make lovely puppets for later, but for now?.. Well..

Ika had a village to burn..

Wanting to catch them off guard as best he could, Ika went to the village center and summoned Ibuse, smirking as poisonous gas leaked from it's pores as he sat atop the giant Salamander fuck.. "Oh it's good to be me.." The screams were instantaneous, as people were crushed in their homes and in the village center.. The Raikage was evacuated from the building immediately as Ika approached, but that would soon be for naught as well. The gas wafting throughout the village was devastating, easily accumulating a death toll nearing 1000 civilians before it was all said and done, but this was only the beginning of the massacre.. As the children were hidden underground in a bunker with their supervisors, they couldn't have known that death approached them to the extent that it did.. Ika smiled, using his famous Iron Sand puppet to it's maximum potential to drag the students out of their holes.. "Iron Sand.. Gathering Assault.." at this point Ika formed a battering ram with the iron sand and knocked the door from it's hinges, and he was waiting outside... He smirked, filling the hole filled with hundreds of screaming children and ninja with Necrotoxic Gas.. the screaming of agony was ear-piercing, and in a twisted way beautiful.. Even if only to Ika.. It was at that point that Ika waited for the screaming to stop, before using the rubble to cover the hole back up, forever..

The Raikage appeared before Ika, prompting a twisted smile to part his lips, "Oh come now, we were just having fun.." Ika flicked his fingers forwards prompting his puppet to attack, hoping to cleave the Raikage's head off with it's scythe. It was met with a lariat from hell, the vintage Raikage move as it was knocked away and shattered, causing Ika to sigh.. "That's a pity.." The Raikage's fatal error was his confidence, he had thought he dispatched one of Ika's prized possessions with ease! Such unwarranted confidence and bravado was his downfall, as the puppet opened it's mouth, launching a Harpoon from it's mouth that would pierce the Raikage through the chest, poisoning him with some of the most potent Neurotoxins known to man.. "Well.. look on the bright side, you get to go down with your ship Captain, to die with the village you so cherished.." Ika smirked, using his Iron Sand Puppets Buzzsaw hand to behead the Raikage as he peered into his eyes.. "I appreciate your compliance.." and like that?.. The Raikage was dead. Ika snapped his fingers as Iron Sand once more flowed from the mouth of his puppet, "Iron Sand, Needle Sphere.." Whatever remained of the village remained no more, whoever had not escaped initially?.. Remained no more. The village was dead, and Ika's legacy?.. That had just begun.

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Ika slaughters the Village Hidden in the Clouds..
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