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 Date Kyzukia

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PostSubject: Date Kyzukia   Thu Aug 03, 2017 3:08 am

Name:Date Kyzukia
Face Claim/Appearance : Murasakibara from KNB
6'10"/213 pounds
Alias/Bingo book name: Kyuyu
Ninja Rank:Genin
Tier: (To be added post-app)

Character Development

Personality:He's an odd sort. He really is. Always has been. That's just how he is. He's not a man of insecurities, though he's not exactly overly-confident. He's not quite cold, but he's certainly not emotional. This is due to his various training throughout life. He's learned to sort of temper his emotions. Sort of being the optimum word, as they aren't actually gone. He doesn't look at people with disdain but also doesn't look upon them kindly. It's a sort of middle ground when everything comes down to it, and it all starts from a certain quote that he heard once upon a time.

"I once asked an old man, 'What do you regret?' and I got an answer. 'I regret not keeping my head on straight."

This single quote is a lot of what keeps his head on straight. He also has a not often noticed respect for the older and elder people of all. It's respectable. Respectable that he could hold people, fragile and weak, over his own head for the sake of respect. Sure, it's an odd, melancholy form of respect, but make no mistake, it's respect.

Even around friends, it's not often that his tempered demeanor falters. He figures that they, while rare, might betray him and stab him in the back. His father, much earlier than the start of his ninja career, nailed this idea in his head that realistically, you're alone in the world. Sure, you might find people to stand with, or to waste time, but who gets you far in this world?

You. That's what he learned. Don't lean on others strengths as when you do, it's weakness. Weakness is not something a ninja has, not in the slightest. That's just how it is. No ninja has weakness, or else they aren't a ninja.

History: Date has always had a knack for Taijutsu. That's just how it was. He wasn't always going to be a ninja though. That's not something that has always been set in stone. He was once to be a merchant, and went to parties and learned how to properly dance due to it. This led to a quirk of his. Well, quirk, in this case, was a matter of ability. Due to having to deal with partners less skilled, he'd often have to find their rhythm and dance on their rhythm. Many people would compliment the child Date for his general skill on the floor. That's when his parents decided to make sure he didn't get a high head by getting him to think that it was blazingly average what he did, and was to be expected.

This affected his look on life. He was to be, to quote his parents, blazingly average all his life.Now, Date had a problem. Quite a big one, if he were, to be honest. He couldn't use Genjutsu or Ninjutsu, and no one was quite sure why. Not even he was. He just knew that he couldn't, and early in his ninja time, it frustrated him to a high extent.

That didn't stop the little shit from trying his hardest when it came to taijutsu. He developed significantly higher stamina, strength and speed due to his constant training of those three areas. He didn't have any sort of ability in any chakra-based business, so he's always just built on his strengths rather than trying to recoup his losses.  He just barely graduated the academy, but in fact did.
Friends and Enemies:
Many on both sides of the aisle.

Combat Ability

Ninja Skills

Strengths:Strength, Speed, Taijutsu, Stamina, Chakra control
Weaknesses: Can’t use Ninjutsu, can’t use Genjutsu


Elements: Earth

Specialties: N/A

Jutsu (add these and their ranks after the app is approved.)


Active Passives:
Overwhelming Technique: Due to training an immense amount along with having an innate talent for taijutsu, the user's Taijutsu techniques hit as though one rank higher.

Rhythm of Fighting: Due to the understanding of rhythm and it’s relationship to fighting, the user’s taijutsu defensive techniques are effective as though they were one rank higher.
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Date Kyzukia
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