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 Tier System

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PostSubject: Tier System   Fri Jun 09, 2017 12:46 am



This is for like, Canon-Fodder Normies and Students/Young wannabe Ninja's. Don't get this tier. Plznokthx.


3-5 ~ You're now the runt of the litter! You probably even know a Jutsu ho-ho! You're still in Ninja School learning Ninja stuff at this tier, so be forewarned, you're not even a Genin! Pre-Shippuden Konohamuru is a great example of this tier.

3-4 ~ You're learning! You're almost a Genin, you know a couple Jutsu, and are about to be assigned to a squad.

3-3 ~ You are probably in the process of being assigned a squad, or are part of one. You are finally a beginner Genin, but just an average one. Someone like Sakura, or Ino, or even someone like Hinata in the very beginning would be in this tier.

3-2 ~ You're somewhere in between the average starter Genin and a prodigy, someone like Shikamaru when he was assigned to a squad would fall here. Maybe even beginner Naruto since he wasn't technically what he ended up being, though this is presuming no Biju.

3-1 ~ A prodigious Genin, someone like Sasuke, Neji, Rock Lee, et cetera when they were first starting out.


2-5 ~ Genin whom have become seasoned and are ready to enter the Chunin Exam, but are on the lower end of the spectrum. Ino, Sakura, perhaps even Hinata would be great examples of this tier. Oh or the fodder from the rain village.

2-4 ~ Your run of the mill Chunin Exam participants would fall here, people such as Kiba, Shikamaru, and many others during the Chunin Exam would fall in line around here.

2-3 ~ Your prodigious/upper echelon of Chunin Exam Participants/Those whom have recently passed. People like Iruka, Neji, Sasuke, Gaara at the time of the finals for the Chunin Exam would fall here.

2-2 ~ A Chunin that has begun to develop some skills, whom has begun to learn and perhaps even thrive in their new role.

2-1 ~ A Chunin whom is perhaps on the brink of becoming a Special Jonin. Not quite There yet, but is so close they can practically taste it!


1-5 ~ A beginner Special Jonin, a new recruit into the Anbu Corps would fall somewhere in here. You are a respectable Ninja but are a few years of seasoning away from being worthy of running a squad.

[i]1-4 ~ A member of the Anbu that is beginning to figure it out, a Special Jonin that is on the verge of becoming a leader, and a true Jonin.

1-3 ~ A beginner Jonin ready and capable for most missions. Kurenai would be a good example of this, or beginning of Shippuden Neji.  

1-2 ~ It's only a matter of time till you've carved out your own legacy! You are a respectable Jonin, worthy of praise and recognition throughout the village!

1-1 ~ You're already a cut above the rest. You're in the upper echelon of what a village may have to offer, in terms of Jonin. There are still Jonin above you no doubt, but they are men regarded as legends. Asuma Sarutobi, or Yamato is a good example of this tier.


[i]0-5 This tier is for the strongest of the strong, these are the men of myth. At this level anyone would be fearful of you. Good examples of this include Kakashi at the beginning of the series, Kakuzu, Hidan, Deidara, or even someone like Might Gai.

0-4 This tier is earmarked for the best of the best, it is the bridge between Sannin and Legendary Jonin. Characters in this tier are more than viable candidates to lead a village at a moments notice, Often being where Kage begin their tenure, and many members of Akatsuki can find themselves here. Sasori, Orochimaru, Konan, Shippuden-Era Gaara, and Shippuden-Era Kakashi all fall solidly in this tier.

0-3 Sannin and most Kage are a good example of this tier. Some of the upper echelon of Akatsuki could be listed here. Jiraya, Tsunade, Itachi, Pain, Obito, the Fourth Raikage, and Fourth Shinobi World War Kakashi are all excellent examples.

0-2 This tier is for senior Kage, men who could be considered God of Shinobi, such as the 3rd Hokage and 4th Hokage. First Hokage and Madara would be on the upper echelon of this tier.

0-1 God tier, akin to Naruto and Sasuke in the later days of the Fourth Shinobi World War and The Last. Don't even Ask.
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Tier System
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