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 Character Stats

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PostSubject: Character Stats   Fri Aug 04, 2017 3:57 am

Below are the current list of stats that go into the strengths and weaknesses section of your application and a description as to what the stat means to your character.

Taijutsu - Your characters strength in Taijutsu, if you are going to punch and kick things to death this is the strength for you.
Ninjutsu - Your characters strength in Ninjutsu, If you want to burn your foe to a crisp, strike with fury of nature this is the strength for you
Genjutsu - Your characters strength in Genjutsu, If you want to mess with your opponents mind, and play with illusions, here is your strength.
Kenjutsu - Your characters strength with Bukijutsu, If you want to be using special weapons this is the strength for you
Fuuinjutsu - Your characters strength with Fuuinjutsu, this is the sealing arts, if you are going to be sealing things in scrolls, creating curse seals, this will be your strength
Medical - Your characters strength with Medical Techniques, if you want to be a ninja doctor, whipping up antidotes or poisons on the fly, here is the strength for you

Chakra Capacity - How much chakra does your character have, This also doubles as your characters stamina pool as in the world of Naruto the two stats are intertwined.
Chakra Efficiency - How well does your character use their Chakra, when they use a Jutsu does their chakra go to waste, or do they use exactly enough to get the job done

Strength - Can your person hit a boulder and break it? lift a car? Then he must have strength as a pro to his app. This is how hard you can hit physically.
Speed - Are you faster than a cheetah? Able to out pace a Kunai? CATCH THAT PLANE!? Then this is your strength. Fairly simple. While this can help in reaction time like reflexes because it doesn't "Solely" focus on it. Reflexes provides a higher bonus to that than this does.
Reflexes - Hows your reaction time? Can you catch an arrow in the air? Can you dodge a senbon with grace and style? Can you notice that super speed senpai is about to stab you in the back even though you are not anywhere near his speed? If yes then this is one of your strengths.
Agility - This is a blanket term which combines speed and reflex. Using it will and should be viewed as two strengths because you are trying to cheese the system by making it look like one strength. While this can make someone seem fast. it doesn't actually provide a benefit to their actual ability to move faster. So even if they can keep their eyes on you they may not be able to do anything about you anyways if they are too slow
Endurance - this is your pain tolerance basically. This is how much your mind can process and handle the damage being done to your body as well as how effective you can use your body when taking damage.


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Character Stats
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