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 Bijuu's and their Jinchuuriki

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PostSubject: Bijuu's and their Jinchuuriki   Fri Aug 04, 2017 4:33 am

Bijuu/Jinchuuriki Guide
Bijuu will give their hosts a Flat 2x boost to their Chakra capacity (counts as a double strength on your app), and might force their hosts chakra nature to change, as well as adding their own unique abilities listed below. Currently Tailed beast transformations are not allowed.

Shukaku - One Tailed Tanuki, Resident of Kaze no Kuni, this cowardly tanuki gives its user the ability to control sand, and will even control it to protect his host providing them with a near perfect defense (Forces Wind+Earth Affinity, granting Magnetism)
Current Jinchuuriki:

Mataba - Two Tailed Cat, resident of Kaminari no Kuni, This two tailed cat grants the host access to special purple fire based attacks. (Forces Fire Affinity)
Current Jinchuuriki:

Isobu - Three Tailed Beast, Resident of Mizu no Kuni, this three tailed turtle thing grants its host the ability to create and manipulate coral, as well as an increase to their water based jutsus (by one tier) (Forces Water Afinity)
Current Jinchuuriki:

Goku - Four Tailed Monkey, Resident of Tsuchi no Kuni. This four tailed Monkey grants its host the ability to combine earth and fire chakra into powerful magma based techniques (Forces Fire+Earth Natures, as well as Grants Magma)
Current Jinchuuriki:

Kokuo - Five Tailed Dolphin Horse, Resident of Tsuchi no Kuni, This five tailed beast grants it’s host the ability to combine fire and water into Vapor Release techniques (Forces Fire+Water Affinity, as well as grants Vapor Release)
Current Jinchuuriki: Naruko Lisola

Saiken - Six Tailed slug, Resident of Mizu no Kuni, Saiken grants his host the ability to use Bubble release, a sub-element of Water. (Forces Water Affinity)
Current Jinchuuriki:

Choumei - Seven Tailed Beetle, Choumei grants his host the ability to use weird Bug-like Jutsu’s (Not like the Aburame, more like the host becomes a bug)
Current Jinchuuriki:

Gyuki - Eight Tailed Ushi-oni, Resident of Kaminari no Kuni, Gyuki grants his host the ability to produce and use Ink in Jutsu’s such as the ‘Ink Clone’
Current Jinchuuriki:

Kurama - Nine Tailed Fox, Resident of Hi no Kuni, Kurama is probably the most famous of all of the Bijuu, he grants his host a faster than normal rate of healing.
Current Jinchuuriki:


All Jinchuuriki of tier 2-1 or better can learn how to use the following technique, however upon doing so it will rank up to the highest level it can fill (auto-filling the highest slot you have available)

Name: Bijuudama - Bijuu Ball
Rank: B - S
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Chakra
Description: Bijuudama is a Ninjutsu capable of being created by skilled Jinchuuriki and their Bijuu. First the Bijuu will expel positive black and negative white chakra particles from their body. These small orbs will then be compressed into a small ball of chakra in an 8:2 ratio of black to white chakra that can then be thrust at or thrown at their enemy. The Jinchuuriki can also choose to ingest the Bijuudama and fire it out as a concentrated beam of destructive power. Cooldown: 5 posts


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Bijuu's and their Jinchuuriki
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