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 Uzumaki, Sayuri

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PostSubject: Uzumaki, Sayuri    Fri Aug 04, 2017 5:44 pm

Character Profile
Name: Sayuri Uzumaki
Face Claim/Appearance :
Alias/Bingo book name: N/A
Age: 22
Clan: Uzumaki
Village: Konoha
Ninja Rank: Hokage (4th)
Tier: (To be added post-app)

Character Development

Personality: A fiery young woman, Sayuri is often seen as a somewhat rebellious and unpredictable. Known to be a little hot-headed at times, often rising to taunts a little too easily.

A talented shinobi, she seems to have a knack for picking up new skills with ease and tends to grasp complicated concepts and ideas. Stated to be a prodigy from a young age, Sayuri can get a little boastful, but it’s something that she’s been working on.

Despite all this, since the death of the previous Hokage she has proven herself as a strong leader, using her natural charisma and leadership skills to steer the Hidden Leaf Village in the right direction. While proving herself to be a dependable shinobi, though that at least was never in question.

History: Sayuri was the youngest of three children, born to a couple of the branch family members in the Uzumaki clan. Both successful shinobi in the Konoha, with their oldest children already well on their way to following in their parents footsteps. Obviously, Mitsu wanted to be like them, but as the only girl she was a little more sheltered than the others. It took sneaking out of the Clan’s compound to sign-up for the Academy before her parents would even consider it, particularly since she had managed to avoid being tracked down until it was too late.

This turned out to be a good thing, as Sayuri was a talented young student, by the age of 9 she was ready to graduate and managed to ace the exam. She picked things up in moments, learning advanced techniques with apparently little effort and so quickly rose up the ranks. By 16 Sayuri had become one of the youngest jounin on record. Her abilities known across the village and even throughout the shinobi world. Highly experimental with potentially dangerous sealing techniques and the use of shape transformation. Though she has yet to come through with a breakthrough on that front.

In the sudden appearance of a rogue ninja from the Sand Village, the previous Hokage had been slain attempting to defend a town within the fire country. In a surprise decision, Sayuri was granted the title of Fourth Hokage.


Combat Ability

Ninja Skills

Strengths: Chakra, Chakra Control, Speed
Weaknesses: Durability, Perception

- Specialized FTG Kunai: Three Pronged Kunai, heavier than most, all marked with the special seal that allows Sayuri to utilize her Flying Thunder God technique.

- Natural Affinity: Wind
- Learned: Lightning, Fire

Specialties: (Things like Kekkai Genkai's, and Jinchuriki.)


Flying Thunder God Technique!

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Uzumaki, Sayuri
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