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 Manji Mortimer [Wip]

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Name: Manji Mortimer
Face Claim/Appearance: Illumi Zoldyck - H x H
Alias/Bingo book name: N/A
Age: 18
Clan: N/A
Village: Konohagakure
Ninja Rank: D
Tier: (To be added post-app)

Character Development


Manji is a man with little care for the well-being of the living and innocent. He does what he wants, how he wants. The boy stopped caring about trivial things long ago when he was just a kid. Now he is not even half the punk, trouble-maker he was, but a mercenary force with a background that doesn't really fit his outwardly image. Nonetheless, he doesn't let this slow him down. In fact, he begs for anyone to question his skill. He is not a foe to trifle with unless one seeks to meet the end of his illusive arsenal.

Regarded as a genius all his life by teachers, then shot down everyday by his own circumstances. That's the gist of how Manji lived and breathed before becoming the infamous 'ninja' he is today. He obtained such a reputation because of his innate abilities to plot angles and hit genius level trick shots in any sport he had ever picked up, starting simply with pin needles and pumpkins-- and then later, any battle he got down too, he was a master at creating field advantages to his liking; simply by manipulating outside factors to his bidding. Manji was every bit the definition of a natural born practitioner-- he was even named such by his elders. To tell you truthfully, Manji Mortimer never had the things other kids did growing up, in fact, he had to hurt others to get what they had. Social Darwinism as it was, survival of the fittest. It was this rule that turned him down a road of hidden crimes and syndicate operations.  

While this did, still does, in all actuality; make him a bad cop, it speaks mountains that what he is doesn't please him in the slightest. Or didn't at one time, before he took to the highroad. Manji is very quick to snark and backtalk whenever his word is called into question. He's not afraid to insult nobility. Manji Mortimer was at a time generally known to be a womanizer; making moves against girls with lots of confidence. This would often make him the dominant type in a relationship, especially if he sees his confidence as a weapon. However, equally as fierce women seem to be what he interests himself in.

Manji is remarkably talented and covert with his hands, this a side affect of his natural prestigious ability. The man was said to have picked up games and sports after having only watched other's play once. This begs the question whether he's actually far smarter and clever than first thought. In short, if he weren't always smoking and drowning his sorrows behind materialistic things, he could amass to be a truly devastating strategist. Proving that body size and physical predecessors are simply a means to sate insecurity in a world of jutsu and supernatural forces.

To that end Manji holds heavy resentment to anyone who tries too hard, though he does also respect them. For those whom he cannot equate too of course, unless they pass onto him some of their wisdom; he'll feel robbed. Above most feelings, Manji is relaxed, and collected, yet seething and gritting his teeth under the surface. The man spent the remainder of his life angry after all-- so such things rubbed off on his general outlook. The only times he is happy are when he's in the presence of pleasurable company, or excelling in athletic sport. See, that's a fact of life he learned early on, if the physical courts were his; so naturally... Then honor must be a joke, ability a joke too, and that this is a world meant only for the elite in their chosen field. Not all men are born equal. They're just born into different worlds. Manji lives his life assuming he can only be bested in his categories by someone also specialized in them. But he doubts it will ever unfold quite like that.

The young shinobi has sworn pursuit of power and even a bit of religion. The ninja constantly picks up and drops books about genjutsu-- seeming to believe in other realms and that genjutsu is the door to entering them. Because of this, he is exceedingly versed in the mechanisms making up one's inner mantra and chi, willpower, and even the dark sorcery of the world. Despite being in capable of doing it himself via being a ninja and not a sorcerer. However, this gives him the edge mentally, as he feels balanced against most oppositions due to his natural intellect. This confidence falls just under arrogance, but at the same time makes him a difficult shell to crack. When fighting others, Manji Mortimer will proceed to pick on the chosen target, flustering or enraging them until he can gain a mental advantage... It's all a battle of wits after that point; and the shinobi can safely say he doesn't lose those very often.


Combat Ability

Ninja Skills


  • Agility
  • Speed
  • Stamina


  • Strength
  • Nature Transformation


Elements: Yin Release


  • Genjutsu
  • Bukijutsu
  • Puppetry




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Manji Mortimer [Wip]
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