A Naruto RP for those into casual, but fast-paced Roleplay in an AU setting.
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 Chat Rules

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Ika Mazi

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PostSubject: Chat Rules   Mon Jun 12, 2017 10:40 pm


*Rule One - No Advertising: We have added an advertisement and affiliation section for good reason, and there's no reason to post advertisements in the chat box. Please do not post links to rival sites, or other role-play forums in general. If you've made an honest mistake like copy pasting the wrong thing and happening to stick a link to another site in your unintended message, we can forgive that, but upon advertising, you will either be given one warning, or you will be banned, depending upon your specific situation. However, there's no second chances for blatant advertising after you've been warned once, and you are banned for 24 hours again. If you get busted again for the same thing after that, you're banned until an admin decides what to do with you.

*Rule Two - Peace I'm a smart-ass, some may even consider me to be a bit of an asshole. Fuck those people :3.. anyway, I will occasionally poke fun at everyone when it's all in good fun, but if a line is being crossed, though I or anyone else is certainly allowed to inquire as to why, simply say so and the issue is squashed. I do not have an issue until there IS an issue. Say what you want, idgaf.

*Rule Three - No Porn: Forum-motion has deleted sites for excessive sexual content in the past, and posting porn can get us in trouble. It's even worse if children happen to see it - not everyone here is 18 or older. So, please, don't post hentai or porn. This includes images that show excessive nudity and sexual content. If done once, you will be warned. A second offense results in a 48 hour ban from the chat.

And please do not sex role-play in the chat-box or do any kind of pornographic related stuff. Since the chat-box is filled with people in mix ages.  

*Rule four - No illegalities: Please, don't plan or commit illegal activities here, such as illegal hacking, distribution of drugs, or other things that would incriminate you and/or the site. This is a serious offense, and can result in a forum AND chat ban if you fail to heed warnings.
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Chat Rules
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