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 Tatsumi Young (WIP)

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PostSubject: Tatsumi Young (WIP)   Sun Aug 06, 2017 6:00 am

Character Profile

Name: Tatsumi Young
Face Claim/Appearance : Kise Ryouta from Kuroko
Alias/Bingo book name: Tat, Tats, and Umi.
Village: Leaf Village
Ninja Rank: Jonin.
Tier: (To be added post-app)

Character Development

Tatsumi is a gay male. Most people can’t tell that he is gay but it’s there. He is also very flirtatious. He loves to flirt with any guy he sees. He is very cocky around people he likes. He seems very Fuck Boi like to most boys. He doesn’t try to come off that way but he has the body to be one and the mind set; so he can’t blame people. In all honesty he is very a romantic guy. WHen he finds that one person, he treats like a king, he does everything and anything for them. He’s not a yes man, but he likes to fall in love not just date. He is also very freaky no matter where he is. He likes to make his partner squirm. He gives off a very bad boy vibe as well. He follows the rules but likes to sometimes add a twist to them or bend them slightly. Tatsumi is a very clever person. He can think quickly on his feet in most situations. Not only is clever but he shockling smart. He can answer complicated problems when he feels like. He tends to not care about stuff like that but when it comes down to it; he will rise up to the challenge and do what needs to be done. Tatsumi is a very outgoing person. He likes to get out there and talk to anyone. He is very open about stuff in most cases. He’s also very funny at times.  He honestly thinks people just want to get in his pants but hey he takes what he can get.


Tatsumi Young was born in the great Hidden Leaf Village. It was a late summer night and the moon was high that night. The wind blew soft but had a faint noise as it blew. His mother laid in the bathtub as the midwife came in with everything. HIs mother was in labor for nearly twelve hours. The birth went very well and Tatsumi was born around midnight that night. That started of his life to make him the man he is today.

Tatsumi grew up with a pretty wealthy a family. His mother and father were great parents. THey treated Tatsumi with great love and all the money he wanted. He tried to get along with all the kids, but he couldn’t. Most parents didn’t like Tatsumi. HIs blonde hair, and style of clothing, and facial features. He gave off the vibes of a bad boy. Tatsumi wasn’t much like that. He did bend and twisted someone of the rules but he stayed a respected and responsible child. Still parents made sure that their kid didn’t talk to him. They said that he was going to become a evil person or a jerk to people. It hurt Tatsumi and he was going to prove them all wrong. He was going to make sure that he helped everyone and was an amazing friends and human alive.

As life went on Tatsumi was fulfilling his dreams in becoming a great person. He started to have friends but it didn’t feel nature. All the girls would talk to him and the guys would follow him. It just was weird for him. Evening during the academy, he had everyone around him, and he really didn’t like it. He kept quiet and really didn't’ care what went on around him. He was a smart kid and applied himself when needed but he wasn’t really into the whole thing.

DUring the ninja academy he was a very quite

Friends/Enemies: Friends - Shingo Errant

Combat Ability

Ninja Skills*/-

Chakra Efficiency
Chakra Capacity



Elements: Water and lighting

Specialties: (Things like Kekkai Genkai's, and Jinchuriki.)

Jutsu (add these and their ranks after the app is approved.)

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Tatsumi Young (WIP)
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