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 Tier/ Rank System and Equivalents

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PostSubject: Tier/ Rank System and Equivalents   Thu Aug 02, 2018 10:16 am

The Tiers, Rank Equivalents, and Explanations

Alright! Here we go! What is this you ask? Simple, It is the ninja rank and tier system we shall use for this site. it is here for you to look at and hopefully get a great idea where you want the shoot for.

S Rank : 0-5 to 0-1

These are the literal powerhouses of the Ninja world, mess with them and you will not survive.. gurantee no one will ever find your body. Got it? These guys can literally take you out with a flick to the forehead if they wanted. Below are exmaples of Naruto characters and where they would fit.

0-1 – God tier/ Never will be achieved but is Ichizoku Hagoromo
0-2 -  Power equivalent to Adult Naruto/Sasuke/ Orochimaru
0-3 - Power equivalent to 3rd Hokage/ 4th Hokage/ Pain
0-4 - Power equivalent to  Itachi/Hokage Kakashi/Jayaura
0-5 - Power Equivalent to Sanin/kage/Epic Boyos.
A Rank: 1-5 to 1-1

 These are the ones like ANBU Special Jonin and Regular Jonin. They are ones that you really don't want to mess with cause they do tend to pack a punch and hold unique traits and stuff of their own. They earned and survived this long...Don't test them unless you want to be in the hospital.

B Rank: 2-5 to 2-1

These are the ones that are well rounded in the Chunin ways and ranking, really getting into their own style, fighting and jutsu and all these big of tricks all the way up to just starting towards becoming Jonin. They started down the path and will occasionally take on Jonin missions and positions but they are still considered babies to seasoned Jonin.

C Rank 3-5 to 3-1

These are the seasoned Genin that have shown what they have to bring and have been deemed worthy by their Jonin and peers to attend the Chunin Exams to continue down the shinobi path. The new Chunins tend to start realizing their goals and their individuality in their fighting style techniques Etc.

D Rank 4-5 to 4-1

These are freshly graduated Academy students knowing some of the ninja skills and techniques needed to be a somewhat decent Genin not really that seasoned in the ninja world up to those ready to be ranked chunin. These Genin typically have only a few jutus and don't have their set style or image yet.

E Rank 5-5 to 5-1

These are the fresh from mommy and daddy's house heading to the academy for the first time hoping to be the best ninja ever up to those about to get out of the academy with some knowledge of the world along with the risks of being a ninja.
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Tier/ Rank System and Equivalents
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