A Naruto RP for those into casual, but fast-paced Roleplay in an AU setting.
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 Genreal Rules

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PostSubject: Genreal Rules   Thu Aug 02, 2018 11:10 am

These are the Rules for the site so you will deal with them and follow or you can kindly leave.

Don't be an asshole. If someone tells you to stop doing something, and I must become involved, I'm going to be pissed, and probably ban you. It's all in good fun, but if someone tells you to fuck off and it's not in jest, the funs over, and you should heed their advice.

Language Quality:
Please type properly; while in the chat you can relax. But when you're posting a character or in a thread, your work needs to at least be legible. If someone can't understand your post and asks you to edit it, then run it through a few spell/grammar checks before posting again and perhaps ask for help with your writing from fellow roleplayers. There is no required wordcount on this site, so feel free to post to your heart's content. Though you may relax in site chats, this does NOT mean we welcome leet speech. We don't. It irritates me. Proper grammar or gtfo. (I will allow for acronyms, and slang, things of that nature don't bother me. "hehe u r gr8 m8 i r8 8/8 heha" will result in a bitching out and possibly, a ban.

Pornographic Content:
Due to the forum-motion terms of service, we must ask you to not post pornographic images or videos anywhere on the site, nor engage in discussion of inappropriate topics. From HERE ON OUT, this site will no longer partake in smut as I've seen several sites taken down for that age regardless. The most I'll allow is a fade to black deal, that is IT. 18+ board be damned, if you're in a thread now feel free to finish, but after that? We're scrapping it.

Spamming is the act of repeating posts over and over again OR posting something useless and completely off topic in a thread. If you post spam it will be deleted and you'll get a warning. Repeat offenses will lead to a ban. This rule applies both on the forum and in the chat. Although bans for each will be done separately.

Account name:
The name of your account MUST be the name of your character; it may be whichever character you choose, so long as it is approved. (To claim the name of an NPC you must have used that NPC in at least 5 threads and established yourself as one of its main users.)

Character Forum Rules

These rules are general guidelines which apply to the creation sections of the forum, as well as to the possession and usage of characters on the site.

Limit of Characters:
Use as many characters as you are capable of keeping up with, but you're only allowed 1, if any, org leaders.

All character death is generally disabled by default. No matter how badly you get stomped you wont have to worry about dying unless you are in a plot event that has been labeled "DEATH ENABLED" or a thread that you have agreed to make death enabled before hand by using an RP Request Template. You can ONLY die in threads where you give permission, and in events. EVENTS ARE ALL DEATH ENABLED.

Tier Limitations:
We try to be fair with tiering. If you're a New member whom has never RP'd here, I'll probably only be comfortable with granting you a 1-3 to start with, which is equivalent to a new, inexperienced Captain. If you have, but are not an org leader, your cap is 0-4. Which is like, OP Captain, and Ulquiorra in Segunda. 0-3 is starting org leader, 0-2 is a PROVEN org leader.

Role-playing Forum Rules

This includes all types of godmoding. You can't control another player characters actions without permission. More on the different types of godmodding below.

This is when you act in-character based on information you only have out of character. I, the roleplayer, might know from your post that you have a stealthy minion sneaking up behind me. But I as the roleplay, can't react to that unless my character is somehow able to notice it. I also will not know that the character who just arrived is your ally unless they obviously admit/act on it.

This is when you make an attack and say you hit your opponent. BAD! Never do that, even if you are 100 tiers above your opponent. Always use words so you are "attempting" or "aiming" to injure your foes. If they are hit then they type out the damage.

This is the flipside of auto-hits. You shouldn't be able to dodge every single attack or take every hit unscathed. All this will accomplish is upsetting your fellow roleplayers. That's no fun. Don't do it.
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Genreal Rules
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