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 Character Limitations

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Ika Mazi

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PostSubject: Character Limitations   Tue Jun 13, 2017 12:28 am

This is pretty simple.

1. Want Byakugan? Sharnigan? Great! Be an Uchiha/Hyuuga and you will have those afforded to you. Here is the catch. They are not as powerful as Canon, and we reserve the right to nerf them to the point of reasonableness.
2. You may not be a Jinchuuriki and Kekkai Genkai user at the same time.
3. Jinchuuriki have Chakra as a strength, period. It also counts as two strengths, not one, when balancing.
4. I reserve the right to add to this.
5. 2 Elements, 3 only on approval (0-3 or higher required for consideration)
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Character Limitations
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